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That’s right: antiques. Now, let me guess your Pavlovian response: drab chairs you wouldn’t trash-pick even without the bed-bug anxiety, grandmotherly floral couches in their eternal plastic seals, mildew mingling with stale perfume, and no delicious Swedish meatballs in sight. But you’ve got it all wrong. I’m a

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Art can be judged on an almost infinite number of criteria from technical skill, monetary value, importance in an artist’s body of work, etc. The best criteria, we feel, is judging art based on how it makes you feel. When viewed in that context, the art created by Ornamental Conifer (aka Nicolai Sclater) is awesome.


With this past weekend being the last big weekend for yard sales, I was able to score a couple nice pieces. The key to hunting down that next project is a solid wood piece for a cheap price. Craigslist free and furniture sections are another great resource for finding that unique piece.